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This would be for the body of the actual email. I am writing this to see how it would or might wrap around the box. This text has no meaning and is for testing purposes only. It contains no value other than testing size, colour and flexibility. One important aspect is the height of this container. I am thinking of making it a minimum fixed height and maximum height also, perhaps flexible. The none issue problem is getting text and wording in here so that it fills and expands to a lot of space so that I can figure out the dimensions. I have no idea what to write, but have decided to make it words that I can read and understand so that I do not have to think about what this is for and about. I do not want to much of an area as this will have a scroll bar that the user/person can scroll up and down with. This will disappear and another div higher up with also be in place for mobile phone users. It will be displayed as none under normal circumstances and be active when the mobile user is using it. Another consideration is using an accordion method that might just rock. Fucks up at 398px wide. LOOK into.
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